Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Impressions of the Lone Star State

First of all, it really is hot in Texas. But I think I like it. It's hot like walking around in a blanket just taken out of the dryer that's still a little damp, and I sort of like that feeling. But I missed most of summer (I got here last Tuesday) so I don't think I can really comment on how hot it can be.

I love the way people talk. I love hearing the drawls and especially the How y'all doin's and the You take care now dahlin's. It's just so friendly. And oh my goodness, do people ever use y'all here. We went to an open house at the local volunteer fire station and there were some bossy, albeit adorable, kids telling all the other kids what to do with loud pronouncements of, "Y'all need to get over here!" and "Y'all ain't allowed to do that!" Love. It. Though while listening to the radio this morning the talk show hosts called someone a ho and advertised buying guns for Christmas and were generally unpleasant.While I think it was just another raunchy morning radio talk show, I am out of P.C. California for sure.

It is really beautiful here. There are trees everywhere- big, beautiful, deep green trees dripping with moss that look like they are just reveling in the moisture in the air. And the cloud cover is gorgeous! It seems every sunset is full of golden beams shooting through billowy clouds that move quickly to the north, with the scene changing and bending and melding into a new, perfect picture every minute. It is stunning.

I still haven't tried barbecue here, which is a huge problem. Seriously. I'm in the South! Not the deep South, but it's still Texas, and no ribs or brisket has passed my lips yet. It's a shame. Hopefully that will change this weekend. And thankfully there is fresh, in-house made sushi in every grocery store I've been to so far. Thank goodness!

The kids and I are going a little stir-crazy in our hotel room while waiting to move into our house. But...

We close on our house on Friday! Woo!

We are really excited about it. I'll take you on a little virtual house tour once everything is settled, but no pictures until we've got the keys in our hands. I don't want to jinx anything!

It has been so wonderful being back together. Spending so much time with family before we left was fantastic, but it is so nice just to be in the same room again! Just being able to hold hands sends a contented little flutter to my heart. I am so glad to be here.


  1. I love "y'all" - some ways Southerners say things just makes more sense! And you've gotta try some barbeque. :) Have you ever had fried okra? It's really good.

    1. No I haven't! I will have to try. Deep fried anything is usually delicious@

  2. Julie's right. Fried okra and barbecue. Prepare for spicy barbecue, though, as that is the norm. A couple of things haven't changed: you can still get great Mexican food, since you're still close to the border; and it's pretty liberal down there compared with the rest of the state, so you'll be used too a lot of that too. But you ARE in the Bible Belt. I love the Bible Belt: here they still wish we could have prayer in schools, and kids are taken to church and taught to respect their elders. Wait till kids are telling you "Yes ma'am" and "No, ma'am." Your kids' friends will be saying this stuff to you!

    Some of the language lessons you might need:

    1. "Y'all" is plural for "you." Only covers more than one person. And if you slip up and say "you guys," technically you're talking about GUYS, not girls, but things are changing to where no one will take offense, they'll just wonder where you're from, dahlin'.

    2. It's not soda, or pop, or soda pop, it's "Coke." All carbonated beverages are "Cokes" unless you're actually ordering them by name off the menu, or being specific 'cause you don't like/want/drink Coca Cola.

    3. "Fixin' to" means it's going to be gotten around to at some non-specific future time. It's vague enough to be procrastinated indefinitely if necessary; but it could happen in just a minute or so as well.

    I love Texas. I hope you love it as much as I do!

    1. Thanks, Aunt Terrie! I did know what y'all meant, but I didn't realize the "coke" thing! Good thing I usually order water. ;) I think I am going to like Texas!

  3. Yay for updates! I have been wondering and wondering how you are doing down there. I am so glad to hear that things are going well. Good luck getting into the new house- I can't wait to see the pictures!