Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Blah, blah, I'm a slacker.  I know.  Sorry.

Anyway, Christmas was fantastic for us- it was so fun with the kids!  I loved watching them open all the useful (read- not so fun) gifts we got them.  Don't worry, though.  Grandparents spoiled them plenty.

I've been doing some deep cleaning lately and trying to purge like crazy.  Every once in a while I get the de-clutter bug where I want to throw EVERYTHING away and I have to take advantage of it before the feeling goes away.  I started in the kitchen today, I'm doing the books tonight and the kids' toys tomorrow.  I'm so excited about it!  Yep.

So, I tried to upload some pictures, but it's not working.  Sorry about that.

I will be a slacker no longer.  Don't you love when you decide to change everything and pretend that you won't succumb to habits that have had years to flourish?  I'm hoping I can institute a few changes and work on goals for the year.

  • Continue meal planning.
  • Make freezer meals.
  • Purchase a food storage item once a month.
  • Do a budget once a month.
  • Go on walks with the kids at least 3 times a week.
  • Have family home evening every week.
  • Play with and read to the kids- a LOT!
  • Do preschool activities with Ben M-F once a day.
  • Read the scriptures every day.
  • Blog once a week.
  • Go on a date with Stephen once a week, even if it's a "stay at home and watch a movie" date.
  • Complete visiting teaching assignments.
In general, I want to be more deliberate with the choices I make for our lives.  I have always been a very go-with-the-flow person, but I think some things require conscious decisions and awareness.  I'm just growing up, I guess!