Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Pictures & Christmas Cards from Shutterfly

I have been trying to get Christmas cards together since Stephen and I got married, but I really stink at it, considering this is our fourth Christmas and we haven't sent a single one. I justified the lack of cards initially with a corresponding lack of children, but now that I have two, that excuse is out the window. I've resolved to just get over my bad self and finally do it.

What goes with a Christmas card? A family picture! We hadn't taken "formal" family pictures since Ben was 7 months old, so we were past due. Also, being from the beach, I have always wanted to take pictures under the Manhattan Beach Pier. So, after some grumbling, we did.

I was so excited by how well they turned out. My mom is amazing and took them for us with Stephen's camera. Now, on to the next step:

The actual card! I've wanted to do a photo card because I like them: they're personal and yet simple to put together and send. Shutterfly has an awesome deal where you can get 50 free Holiday cards just for blogging about them, so who am I to ignore a deal like that? I want to do a blue card to go with the ocean in our pictures.

I like this:
Or this:

I'm excited! I'll just make sure to keep it together and actually send these out. :)

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  1. I LOVE your family pictures!!! And like you, I too, took advantage of the 50 free cards from Shutterfly!!! Such an AWESOME deal! Now all I have to do it get our family pictures done! :)