Monday, October 4, 2010

Lame, I Know

I am super lame for being super tardy in writing something new on here. ESPECIALLY with a new baby and then destroying my goal of updating on a regular basis. Like Sophie's two month check-up.

Side Note: I thought I lost the camera. It's not really my camera in that it was Stephen's birthday present from his wonderful parents (though they fully intended for me to use it, too). I thought I lost it and couldn't bear to tell him for almost two weeks. I'd finally given up searching for it and began confessing my crime, when he laughed and said he hid it and knew exactly where it was. It was on his desk about four feet from my computer in a mug he got from Germany. Stinker. Thus, there have been no pictures lately. :)

Ben's newest antic is pretending to hurt himself. He'll throw something on the ground like a car, a piece of train track or himself and yell, "OW!" then peek at me, wanting a hug and a kiss. It's really cute (until he's done it about 25 times).

Sophie's two month check-up went great. She's had what I thought was a bad case of baby acne on her face and the doctor revealed that she has eczema. We've been battling it for about two weeks now and it's slowly improving. I've had about 5 people highly recommend Aveeno, so that's what we trying starting today. She gets really itchy though, so we're treating it with hydrocortisone as she needs it, plus she has to wear her little mitten things (which I've never really used on my kids). So, why was the check-up great? Because we've solved the mystery of the bad case of baby acne!

Did I mention I'm a little tired? Sorry if my thoughts are a little garbled.

She's 11 pounds now and all her measurements are about 50th percentile. She's very healthy (except the eczema thing). I feel like a lame mom because I want to take her to get pictures taken and I'm being vain about it and waiting for the eczema to clear. I need to just get over it and take her since I bought an ADORABLE dress and just need a big, fat bow for her head. Anyone know where to go to get bows?

I'm experiencing a little nerdy excitement because the release date for the next World of Warcraft expansion was announced for December 7th! Stephen and I are excited. Sometimes for a hot date we'll stay up after the kids are in bed and play the game together. Aw, nerd love. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.

Pictures to come.

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  1. Very cute blog Alicia!!!!! And I'm still laughing over how your hubby hid the camera from you!!! he he he