Friday, August 27, 2010


I am the only healthy person in my house. Everyone else has a stuffy nose, though in Ben's case it's more of a "wipe my snot on everything" nose. Sophie's been sleeping pretty well, but between 3 and 6 a.m. she gets snotty and mad. She's really mellow and I've hardly ever heard her "mad" cry. It makes me so sad. Hopefully everyone will start feeling better soon.

Ben had an awesome moment the other day. Lately he's been falling asleep for his naps in odd positions. I think he just tries to get comfortable wherever he is. The result is as follows:

And yes, he IS asleep.

What a sweetie.

Stephen is going to New York on Sunday and won't be back until the 7th. He'll be gone for Labor Day! :( Oh well. These trips are pretty beneficial financially, so I don't mind. I'll miss him like crazy, but we're trying to pay off our student loans by our 5th anniversary (next July) and every little bit helps.

Time to go and take care of the babies.


  1. AH you have such cute kids! You are super mom to be doing this with Stephen away. You rock! Love the random nap positions :)

  2. Cannot believe the napping anywhere. Wish Hamilton would do this...he fought naptime today even after a 5:30am wake-up and 2 hrs at the park.

    And Sophie looks like a perfect and so tiny!