Friday, August 20, 2010

One Month

Well, we survived our ten day separation. For the most part. :)

It was lonely. But, amazingly, the hardest part about being apart was getting used to each other again. There's nothing like a little selfish independence to make you appreciate being in a relationship. Things were weird, but now we're all getting back to normal.

Unfortunately, he has to go back at the beginning of next month. BOO! We'll find out the details later. On to happier business:

Today is Sophie's one month birthday!

One of my old friends who I now blog-stalk is pretty good at this and I wanted to try it. By "this" I mean providing regular updates on her kids. In general, I am awful about communicating updates on the kids, like the fact that Sophie has rolled 3 times now and Ben speaks in sentences and repeats practically everything anyone (including the TV) says. And he sings the ABC song.

Plus, I just know you want to know absolutely everything about them.

Sophie is special. She is gentle and calm and a heavenly baby, and I feel ridiculously lucky to have two kids that, for the record, are easy. As in, they are about as calm as a glassy lake. We are not without our challenges, but there is simply an aura of calm in my house that is ever present that I'm grateful for. Thank heavens the Lord has chosen to bless me this way, because I have a hard time with the feeling of chaos (I basically break down and shove my head in pillows).

Sophie can hold up her head for a short amount of time, loves her hands, likes to be swaddled with one arm sticking out, can roll back to front, and likes to be held. She has the talent to nurse, take a bottle, and enjoys a pacifier.

Sophie's appointment with her pediatrician is on Monday, so I will have stats then.

Now, for some highlights of the impromptu photo shoot we had yesterday:


  1. Awesome. She is a little cutie, for sure.

  2. She is beautiful....and so accomplished as well! Glad you are blessed with a sweet, calm second child...makes life a bit more manageable. This is, of course, ignoring the excitement she caused in the beginning.

    You need to make a MB Sacrament appearance sometime...