Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Funny Thing...

I am silly. It's official.

I went to the hospital on Wednesday to turn in paperwork for pre-admission. As I was sitting in the lobby, I thought I felt a small gush and went, uh oh. I hadn't moved, wiggled, coughed, or sneezed which will usually trigger leaking, so I went to the bathroom and checked the damage. It didn't smell bad, so I called Kari, my mother-in-law, to see what I should do (mom was working). She recommended I just go in to have the doctors check if my water really broke since I was already there and Ben was at their house. I thought- good idea.

I walked to the labor and delivery wing and was put into a room right away. They set me up with a gown and monitors then laid me down on a super-pad. I knew within a few minutes that my water hadn't really broken since the pad stayed nice and dry, but I got a sweet little bonus- I got to just lie there, listening to the baby's heartbeat, for about an hour and a half while they monitored me. It was so peaceful.

I had a few contractions, but nothing that indicated I was progressing, and when they checked my progress I was 2 cm and 40% effaced. So, home I went.

When I got the discharge papers, the second sentence down said, "You should not feel embarrassed" which made me feel a little better, since I was quite embarrassed. Oh, well. Better safe than sorry!

Next time I go to the hospital, I won't be coming back until I've had that baby. That's a promise.


  1. No need to feel embarrassed...I felt REALLY silly going in the hospital pre-c-section appt, but--what do you know--I had the baby! "Better safe than sorry" is always good when it comes to being 38+ weeks!

  2. wow your baby is almost here!! :) ps - i would have felt embarrassed too, but how nice you got to relax for a bit!! :)

  3. You're almost there!! (Or maybe you are by now!!) Can't wait to see the little cutie.