Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's in a Name?

In sixth grade, my class was given the assignment to memorize 12-20 lines of a Shakespearean monologue. There were 5 choices, from Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, or Hamlet, to name a few. One of these selections was Juliet's speech from the balcony ("O Romeo"). To my dismay, I was not assigned to this lovely girly speech and was, instead, given the Prince's monologue at the end of Romeo and Juliet ("never was a story of such woe").

I was mad. No, not mad. Livid. So, I decided to memorize both but to this day, I cannot remember the Prince's speech. However, I do remember Juliet's. Muah haha (that shows you, Miss Sloat).

It is inevitable that when you're pregnant, people ask if you know what you're having and if you have a name yet. This was an easy question to answer with Ben- we had a few chosen, but nothing set in stone (none of which was the name Benjamin). However, with this baby, we know what her name is to about a 99% certainty. And we really like it. But I'm paranoid that when this little one pops out, I will have an "Oh no! That's not her name!" moment and panic. Because we have no other ideas we like. We have agreed on the one name we like, and cannot find another (at least not right now- we are planning on having more than 2 kids).

This is where Juliet comes in. I can't decide if one of her lines holds truth in it or not. I know, Juliet? A source of wisdom? Pah, the girl went stupid crazy over a boy who loved someone else the week before. Still, here's the line:

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet" (II.2.45-46).

Will my baby be as sweet as she would be if I named her something terrible? Will she be just as precious if her name is Beavis or Butthead? Most likely, yes. However, there's just something to naming a baby that is exciting and so nerve wracking at the same time. We're deciding a huge part of her future.

At least I still have some time to think about it, right?

In the meantime, we'll just call her Ethel. Ben's in-utero name was Wilson, and I think Wilson and Ethel just sound cute together.


  1. Haha, Ethel. Better than "the creature," Samantha's name before she was Samantha. So excited for you to have a girl!

  2. Love the pre-names :D We called Lira Apple-teeny and my sister called her baby Planty before he was born. I bet you're so excited to have a boy and a girl! I can't believe he is already 2!! Where did the time go! And happy belated birthday to you, too. Glad we can stay in touch - your family is so beautiful!

  3. next pregnancy (should there ever be one), i'll definitely have to employ the "in utero" name. my parents actually called me "franklin." i'm extra curious to see what the "real" name is. i empathize with the fear that once you declare it, you'll hate it. this happened with about 4 names we came up with for Beckett. "Beckett" was the name that finally didn't have me hating it after a day.

    anyway, the most important comment to make is congrats on the pregnancy! i hope you're feeling well and am glad to keep up via the blog world.

    oh, and delys in my family pictures is weird for me too :).