Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's a... Girl!

As most of you predicted, it is indeed a girl! Yay! Here she is in 2D:

And in 3D:

A bit of an awkward position, but I'm not too surprised. She's really wiggly. And cute. Of course, I am pretty biased.

We are very excited. We've kind of felt that she was a girl, but obviously we didn't want to run around with that too much until our suspicions were confirmed. I am excited that she will have a big brother and that Ben will have a little sister.

I am slightly worried that Ben has no idea what's coming, but we'll worry about that more as we get to it.

This was a fun experience for me because our technician, Cheryl, is a good friend of Kari's. She was very attentive and explained absolutely everything we were looking at.

Best news of the day: the baby is perfectly healthy. She's measuring "adequately" which I assume means she's slightly small. All of her major organs are there and doing exactly what they should be.

I feel incredibly blessed to have this baby coming, because I thought I might not get to meet her. Even though she hasn't been born yet, I feel as though I know her. I am grateful for every kick, nudge, and flick. I feel like I'm getting to know her better everyday. She's beautiful.

And here, as promised, the belly picture: