Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Warning! New Phone Numbers!

We have finally changed our cell phone numbers to California numbers!  While it was fun keeping Utah numbers a year longer than necessary, it was about time.  We desperately needed new phones.  Mine started acting up (I couldn't hear parts of conversations) and was missing the plastic antenna cover.  Stephen's worked pretty well, but it was a hand-me-down twice over.  It was frustrating to say the least, especially when talking to medical and insurance people. 

So, if you try to call us, it's not going to work.  Sorry.

For obvious reasons I am not putting our numbers on our blog.  I'll try to get a hold of everyone soon but if you need our numbers, please, please email me, leave a comment, or send me a facebook message.  Particularly if your phone number has changed in the last year or two.

I've been playing with the new camera and will post pictures soon.  Pinky promise.

1 comment:

  1. Pinky promise? Does that mean it's a pink phone? Super cute!!!

    I have texting now, so you can text me your new number if you want.

    love you!