Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's a....

We will be 20 weeks along in this pregnancy on Sunday. That means an ultrasound!

This will be ultrasound #4 for this baby (and hopefully the last). It's just the routine mid-pregnancy screening visual test to check for problems and progress, not to mention finding out:

If it's a BOY or GIRL!

Please VOTE what you think it is (on the sidebar over there --->) and we will reveal the answer on Tuesday, March 2nd after our appointment.

I don't like taking belly pictures. However, I will include a bonus belly picture in the post. I have no good reason for not liking them, but I'll give one to you anyway, just to mollify you all.

Have a great day.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Patio Gardening

I have made a small attempt at gardening.  My first ever attempt was in high school when I bought Gerbera Daisies for the window boxes in the front of the house.  Those lasted, oh, about two weeks until they shriveled up and died.  From what I understand about living flowers and water, they don't need to be watered every day.  That's how I killed them.  Whoops.

I bought herbs, daisies, some ivy, and Grandma Torgeson gave me a beautiful plant I don't remember the name of.  Our complex is set up with the buildings all facing the inside, which is landscaped very well.  Lots of trees, bushes, and a little grass. 
L to R: Parsley, Lemon Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, & Cilantro.

I love daisies.

Stephen has a California Desert Tortoise he found as a child that lives at his parent's house.  His name is Fred.  He's a big guy and needs a lot of space.  He loves the Nielsen's backyard- by his hole there are lots of wild strawberries, Dandelions, and on the other side of the yard he gets to eat grape leaves (when they're in season).  Maybe someday when we own a house we'll bring him to live with us, but only maybe.  He's very happy where he is.

I bought a little tortoise figurine for Stephen so he can remember Fred.

Quite a striking resemblance, if you ask me. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Warning! New Phone Numbers!

We have finally changed our cell phone numbers to California numbers!  While it was fun keeping Utah numbers a year longer than necessary, it was about time.  We desperately needed new phones.  Mine started acting up (I couldn't hear parts of conversations) and was missing the plastic antenna cover.  Stephen's worked pretty well, but it was a hand-me-down twice over.  It was frustrating to say the least, especially when talking to medical and insurance people. 

So, if you try to call us, it's not going to work.  Sorry.

For obvious reasons I am not putting our numbers on our blog.  I'll try to get a hold of everyone soon but if you need our numbers, please, please email me, leave a comment, or send me a facebook message.  Particularly if your phone number has changed in the last year or two.

I've been playing with the new camera and will post pictures soon.  Pinky promise.