Thursday, January 21, 2010



I have some great news.

No... I have LOTS of great news.

  1. Our amazing new HMO insurance was approved for the month of November. This means that: My emergency ultrasounds and blood work are COVERED. Ben's surgery is COVERED.Translation: we won't be slaves to medical bills for months like we were anticipating. Oh yeah.
  2. I got the results of my last ultrasound. The clot is GONE. The results said the spot was healing, that the baby was normal/healthy, and that on January 11th I was 13 weeks 1 day. This puts my due date at July 18th... huh? Oh well. I'll probably find out if it's a boy/girl end of February. I am getting more and more excited about Baby #2 every day.
  3. We have finally caught up with Ben's immunizations. He's had three doctors in the last year, so we are happy he's still on track.
  4. We have couches! Well, new-to-us couches. They're very comfortable, and it finally feels like our apartment is home. Thank you, Rich!

Stephen had a great birthday and he got a new camera from his Mom and Dad. It's 10 mega pixels (our best camera besides this one was 3) so I am really excited about the potential picture taking opportunities. I plan on stealing it often.

Hope you have a great week.

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