Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bilbo Baggins

I love The Lord of the Rings. I love The Hobbit. Sometimes I wish I could live in Middle-Earth. You know, in one of the more peaceful times, preferably as a food loving hobbit or a horse riding Rohirrim.

So, I suppose you can understand that I am just a little excited that they're currently casting for the 2011 release of The Hobbit, directed by Guillermo Del Toro and produced by Peter Jackson. Not that I want to be in it. Because, I really don't. Really.

I just want to find out who will be our beloved Bilbo Baggins from the Shire!

Hmm... who will it be...

Ian Holme

Frankly, he's probably just too old at this point- which make me quite sad, since I thought he was a great Bilbo. I just imagine that it's probably easier for makeup to age up rather than age down.

A rumor floating around is...

James McAvoy

Better known to some as Mr. Tumnus or That Guy from Becoming Jane, I think he would be lovely as Bilbo. He's shown both dark and light moments in his films, which is required of someone to be Bilbo.

One more rumor...

David Tennant

Better known to some as The Doctor from Dr. Who or Barty Crouch Jr. from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I feel that he's... just too skinny and tall. Stupid, I know, but he just doesn't seem Hobbit-ish to me! I think he could definitely do it, but... he must become a bit more portly, the way a gentleman Hobbit would be.

They started auditioning last month, but who knows when we'll hear anything- I think they may go with a lot of unknowns (think Orlando Bloom as Legolas- no one knew who he was). Ultimately they could go with a lot of choices, considering that they drastically changed the age of Frodo from someone who should have appeared to be in his late thirties (according to the book) to an actor in his late teens. I'm just anxious for the news!

(But why do I care so much?!? I feel like such a nerd! Actually, loving this clip featuring Leonard Nimoy makes me a nerd:)

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  1. That just might be the best music video I've ever seen. Thank you.