Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby #1 Update

I've been neglecting news about my firstborn. No longer!

Ben has gotten very good at taking creative self portraits of himself, a-la facebook/myspace style profile pictures. His sudden aptitude with a camera is funny. He's actually pretty good at it! Here are some latest examples:

Nice nostrils.

This is not my belly (notice the diaper).


As you can see, his aim isn't far off. Not too shabby.

He likes to climb inside/under/behind things, like laundry hampers, closets, tables, or chairs. Yesterday we found him like this:

Yes, he threw all the clothes on the ground and climbed in. Then he called for me (he calls me "ah-AH-ah!") and there he was.

A lot of times he climbs inside/under/behind things around naptime or bedtime, and we find him like this:

Under the table.

In the laundry hamper.

Okay, I just thought the last one was funny. Naptime frequently starts out that way. Yesterday we bought him his first big-boy pillow, but I don't think he's quite figured out what it's for. He fell asleep last night with his feet on it. But here he is (strategically put there after he fell asleep in the hamper) postioned correctly, with the infamous Blanky.

One last thing to update: he speaks. Correctly. Well, mostly. His new words/phrases include:
-Thanks, dad
-Elephant (he overemphasizes the "l" sound)
-Thank you

P.S. A note on Baby #2- ultrasound on Monday went well. No diagnostic news yet, but I saw the baby moving around, opening his/her mouth, and little fingers and toes. The baby is 7 cm long from crown to rump.

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