Thursday, January 21, 2010



I have some great news.

No... I have LOTS of great news.

  1. Our amazing new HMO insurance was approved for the month of November. This means that: My emergency ultrasounds and blood work are COVERED. Ben's surgery is COVERED.Translation: we won't be slaves to medical bills for months like we were anticipating. Oh yeah.
  2. I got the results of my last ultrasound. The clot is GONE. The results said the spot was healing, that the baby was normal/healthy, and that on January 11th I was 13 weeks 1 day. This puts my due date at July 18th... huh? Oh well. I'll probably find out if it's a boy/girl end of February. I am getting more and more excited about Baby #2 every day.
  3. We have finally caught up with Ben's immunizations. He's had three doctors in the last year, so we are happy he's still on track.
  4. We have couches! Well, new-to-us couches. They're very comfortable, and it finally feels like our apartment is home. Thank you, Rich!

Stephen had a great birthday and he got a new camera from his Mom and Dad. It's 10 mega pixels (our best camera besides this one was 3) so I am really excited about the potential picture taking opportunities. I plan on stealing it often.

Hope you have a great week.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby #1 Update

I've been neglecting news about my firstborn. No longer!

Ben has gotten very good at taking creative self portraits of himself, a-la facebook/myspace style profile pictures. His sudden aptitude with a camera is funny. He's actually pretty good at it! Here are some latest examples:

Nice nostrils.

This is not my belly (notice the diaper).


As you can see, his aim isn't far off. Not too shabby.

He likes to climb inside/under/behind things, like laundry hampers, closets, tables, or chairs. Yesterday we found him like this:

Yes, he threw all the clothes on the ground and climbed in. Then he called for me (he calls me "ah-AH-ah!") and there he was.

A lot of times he climbs inside/under/behind things around naptime or bedtime, and we find him like this:

Under the table.

In the laundry hamper.

Okay, I just thought the last one was funny. Naptime frequently starts out that way. Yesterday we bought him his first big-boy pillow, but I don't think he's quite figured out what it's for. He fell asleep last night with his feet on it. But here he is (strategically put there after he fell asleep in the hamper) postioned correctly, with the infamous Blanky.

One last thing to update: he speaks. Correctly. Well, mostly. His new words/phrases include:
-Thanks, dad
-Elephant (he overemphasizes the "l" sound)
-Thank you

P.S. A note on Baby #2- ultrasound on Monday went well. No diagnostic news yet, but I saw the baby moving around, opening his/her mouth, and little fingers and toes. The baby is 7 cm long from crown to rump.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bilbo Baggins

I love The Lord of the Rings. I love The Hobbit. Sometimes I wish I could live in Middle-Earth. You know, in one of the more peaceful times, preferably as a food loving hobbit or a horse riding Rohirrim.

So, I suppose you can understand that I am just a little excited that they're currently casting for the 2011 release of The Hobbit, directed by Guillermo Del Toro and produced by Peter Jackson. Not that I want to be in it. Because, I really don't. Really.

I just want to find out who will be our beloved Bilbo Baggins from the Shire!

Hmm... who will it be...

Ian Holme

Frankly, he's probably just too old at this point- which make me quite sad, since I thought he was a great Bilbo. I just imagine that it's probably easier for makeup to age up rather than age down.

A rumor floating around is...

James McAvoy

Better known to some as Mr. Tumnus or That Guy from Becoming Jane, I think he would be lovely as Bilbo. He's shown both dark and light moments in his films, which is required of someone to be Bilbo.

One more rumor...

David Tennant

Better known to some as The Doctor from Dr. Who or Barty Crouch Jr. from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I feel that he's... just too skinny and tall. Stupid, I know, but he just doesn't seem Hobbit-ish to me! I think he could definitely do it, but... he must become a bit more portly, the way a gentleman Hobbit would be.

They started auditioning last month, but who knows when we'll hear anything- I think they may go with a lot of unknowns (think Orlando Bloom as Legolas- no one knew who he was). Ultimately they could go with a lot of choices, considering that they drastically changed the age of Frodo from someone who should have appeared to be in his late thirties (according to the book) to an actor in his late teens. I'm just anxious for the news!

(But why do I care so much?!? I feel like such a nerd! Actually, loving this clip featuring Leonard Nimoy makes me a nerd:)

For reliable casting and other movie news, check out

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby News

I know I promised news to appear about two weeks ago, but here we are. I had to reschedule my appointment to make sure I was completely covered (my only copay for the entire prenatal care is now $10- I'm glad I waited the extra two weeks). But now, I finally have something to report after today's visit.

Great news is that there has been no fresh hemorrhaging, as evidenced by my lack of bleeding. Obviously I knew this already, as I am the one who reports this to them, but there you go. I am scheduled for blood work and another ultrasound, but as far as results today, the nurse got out her Doppler and I got to hear Baby #2's heartbeat. The baby's still too small to feel (though that'll change pretty soon) so hearing the heartbeat really meant a lot. I was going to cry, but I was just so happy and relieved. I couldn't stop smiling today.

I am excited about this doctor's office because it is a group of doctors rather than just one. My last pregnancy was also with a group, though there were 5-6 people that could have potentially delivered Ben. This time there are only 3. During Ben's birth it was so nice to know that a doctor I knew would be there and wouldn't have to leave because of sleep/food/vacation/whatever, so I'm happy I have that option again.

This visit was my first official visit, so today I got lots of free, "Here, let us show you how to take care of a baby" handouts, long lists of medications and foods, and other random, useless handouts. It came in a nice folder and a little bag. Is it odd that this still made me feel special?

The best part about the visit today was the prevailing feeling that everything was going to be okay; I'm fine and the baby is fine. After my episode, I was feeling broken- like I wasn't working right. That feeling is (mostly) gone.

Stephen and I are rereading Harry Potter together- out loud. This seemed like a great idea- but I was looking at my shelf today and realized how... long that is. Good thing we absolutely love it.