Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon and Some Great News...

I went, like a crazy person, to New Moon's opening night at the 12:04 a.m. showing. With lots of screaming teenage girls. Lots. Despite the squeals that emitted from their mouths everytime Jacob or Edward showed up on screen (frequently shirtless), I must say that I absolutely loved the movie (and I have to admit a squeal or two came from my mouth, too).

My senior course of study in college was focused on fantasy literature and it's adaptation to film, and ever since, my love and appreciation of adaptation has only increased. What surprised me the most about New Moon was how incredibly faithful the movie was to the book. This shocked me a little, since the director was Chris Weitz, who directed the diabolically adapted The Golden Compass, a flop in both sales and fan reception. I read an interview with him this morning that basically said that all creative control on The Golden Compass was taken away from him and he has had a hard time recovering from that experience. Poor Chris Weitz. At least New Moon is the kind of movie that's going to make fans incredibly happy. Unfortunately, anyone not into the series might not "get it." I guess I should drag Stephen and see what he thinks. :)

And now... the great news...

We have moved into an apartment! We moved in our boxes last night and I'm going in to sanitize and line cabinets today with my mom. Hooray! Pictures soon to come.

And speaking of pictures... I FOUND MY CAMERA! It seems that whenever I blog about something I can't find, it shows up shortly thereafter. Anyway, hope you have a great day! Pictures to come! Yay!



    ps, the word verification is "twins". Are you pregnant?

  2. Blogging about missing things is a lucky charm!

  3. I also went to the midnight showing... ours started at 12:05. Can I just tell you... Seeing the movie (I didn't see Twilight) made me actually really like the series!?! I can now appreciate how cheesy it is. I've read the books and I think the movies are a little less frustrating because you get the descriptions by watching rather than having to read whole paragraphs about Edward's chiseled chest or whatever. It was great.

    Congratulations on finding your camera and moving into your own place! So exciting. :)