Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas is Just Around the Corner!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

We decorated our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. It's just a little four footer we got the first Christmas we were married and I love it. I miss the fresh, clean smell of a real tree, but seriously, we just can't afford a $100 purchase for something that dies in one month.

We've begun the tedious task of unpacking and cleaning pretty much every thing we own. Jessica, my best friend from High School, came over on Saturday and she and I did the entire living room. I'd forgotten how many books we had! I found my Harry Potter series and The Lord of the Rings, plus all my Jane Austen novels and The Wheel of Time. I am in novel heaven!

As part of unpacking, we set up Ben's crib into a toddler bed. He loves it! He puts himself to bed now!

He also loves watching movies. We really have to limit him because, if he had his way, he'd watch movies all day. Here he is watching his newest favorite, Cars. He says, "Vroom, vroom!"

Through unpacking, I found my old camera with these pictures on it:

Last year I made my Mom this table centerpiece for my floral design class. These are silk flowers. I also made my Mother-in-law a fresh centerpiece, too. Centerpieces all around last year.

I also thought I would share some news with you. I didn't want to post about what's been going on, but things are taking longer than we thought and it's too difficult not to post about it.

We found out I was pregnant about a month ago and we were excited, but didn't tell anyone. Usually, you're supposed to "wait" until a safe amount of time has gone by, I guess so you can keep an early miscarriage to yourselves. I, however, am a blabbermouth and told my Mom, Mother-in-law, and my two local Sisters-in-law shortly after we found out. Two weeks ago, I started bleeding heavily during Church and thought I had miscarried (it was a lot of blood). Picture it: crying uncontrollably in the bathroom with your Mother-in-law while ladies are coming in trying to take a bathroom break before Relief Society. Yes, everyone in my In-law's ward knew.

The bleeding slowed down, so I didn't go to the emergency room and I went to the doctor the next day. She thought I had miscarried and that, since it was this early, it was a chromosomal issue that I had no control over. Testing, testing, and more testing and an ultrasound...

Guess what? I was still pregnant. I was five weeks along. There was no heartbeat. I had a 4 cm blood clot at the attachment site of the placenta. Hormone levels were not increasing as quickly as they wanted. HOWEVER... everything I just mentioned can be completely normal (except the last one). At five weeks, you can't see the heartbeat. You're not supposed to be able to see it until a solid six weeks. A blood clot at the attachment site is also common. The clot can either pass or can be absorbed into the uterus. The biggest problem it could pose is that it could be taking nutrients away from the placenta. Hormone levels are supposed to be increasing like crazy. My levels are increasing, but not as much as they should be. That is the most nerve-wracking part of all this. It could indicate something is wrong.

I have a scheduled ultrasound tomorrow to determine how things are going and what's going on. We're hoping and praying for the best.

Things are a little strange for me. It's hard not to get really excited, and I feel like I should be excited, but for more than 24 hours I thought I had had a miscarriage. I went through mourning for this little baby. I thought I had lost someone. It's just really difficult to get excited when so many things could still go wrong. Stranger yet, though I'm only seven weeks, my body has started changing already. I have a bump. That's just weird, because I've been telling myself that this pregnancy isn't a big deal and that it's okay if something goes wrong (sad, but easier to deal with). With my body acting like everything is fine and progressing in size as quickly as it is, it makes it feel like it would definitely be not fine if something happened. I'm just scared.

So, that's what's going on. I'll update as soon as I know anything.

In some distracting news, Stephen and I are singing in a choir this weekend for our Stake's Creche Festival. It's a display of over 1,000 nativity scenes with performances. I am so excited to be performing again! If you'd like to attend, email me at lisha[underscore]lacey[at]hotmail[dot]com for directions to the festival. We're performing Saturday at 7:00, but there will be performances starting around 5:00 and the festival is also on Thursday and Friday evenings. It's going to be so amazing.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon and Some Great News...

I went, like a crazy person, to New Moon's opening night at the 12:04 a.m. showing. With lots of screaming teenage girls. Lots. Despite the squeals that emitted from their mouths everytime Jacob or Edward showed up on screen (frequently shirtless), I must say that I absolutely loved the movie (and I have to admit a squeal or two came from my mouth, too).

My senior course of study in college was focused on fantasy literature and it's adaptation to film, and ever since, my love and appreciation of adaptation has only increased. What surprised me the most about New Moon was how incredibly faithful the movie was to the book. This shocked me a little, since the director was Chris Weitz, who directed the diabolically adapted The Golden Compass, a flop in both sales and fan reception. I read an interview with him this morning that basically said that all creative control on The Golden Compass was taken away from him and he has had a hard time recovering from that experience. Poor Chris Weitz. At least New Moon is the kind of movie that's going to make fans incredibly happy. Unfortunately, anyone not into the series might not "get it." I guess I should drag Stephen and see what he thinks. :)

And now... the great news...

We have moved into an apartment! We moved in our boxes last night and I'm going in to sanitize and line cabinets today with my mom. Hooray! Pictures soon to come.

And speaking of pictures... I FOUND MY CAMERA! It seems that whenever I blog about something I can't find, it shows up shortly thereafter. Anyway, hope you have a great day! Pictures to come! Yay!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Poor, Missing Camera

I haven't seen my camera in a while. It could be pretty much anywhere, which is why this blog has been so boring lately! It's a terrible, terrible thing.

Because we've been living all over the place, our stuff is, well, all over the place. We have our crib, dresser, mattress, and one computer at my in-laws. My wedding dress, sewing machine, old baby clothes, rocker, and Wii are at my parents'. Everything else is in storage, unless it's in our car. not to mention the little knick knacks in any of these places. THUS, the camera is somewhere in limbo between all these homes we've had!

The good news: we are planning on getting our own place, really and truly, THIS MONTH! Hooray! I'm so excited! It's like Christmas is coming early! Imagine all the stuff I'll find...

One thing I've learned through all of this is how unimportant "stuff" is. Many of the things we own are beautiful, and I love them (like platinum edged china, fluffy blue towels or the kitchen aid mixer), but life has been just as wonderful and fulfilling without these things. If we had to give up everything in that storage unit and never see it again, life would be fantastic, if not better in some ways (not that I really want that to happen). I'm just grateful I got to have my family down to the simplified, bare bones for a little while.

Ben and I went to Disneyland yesterday with Liz and had a blast! Here's a picture from the Buzz Lightyear ride:

No, Ben didn't actually hit a target; I helped him a little. :)

Have a great day!