Monday, October 26, 2009

Ridiculous Medical Happenings

The Swine Flu may be in our house, but so far Ben is unscathed. We have about 5-6 more days of potential incubation time, but after that we should be in the clear. Ben's pediatrician prescribed a treatment that either treats the flu if he has it or helps make symptoms less severe, should he get the flu later. I am so grateful that Ben and I are still healthy (Stephen caught it, though).


Last night Ben had a hernia! A real, whimpering, grimacing, arching-the-back kind of hernia! It happened very quickly and was really scary because of its location. It was just above the groin area and the size of an egg.

Ben has a history of groin area problems that had to be resolved with surgery, so seeing more wrong with his lower abdomen was frightening. Fortunately, with a little sedation, the emergency room doctor was able to push the herniated intestine back into his abdomen. All that's left now is a follow up surgery to close the abdominal wall. My poor little baby.

However, he's been blissfully asleep for about 8 hours now, so I think he's feeling pretty good. :)

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