Friday, September 25, 2009


Ben is playing with the tub. Not in it, but with it. He's putting water into his bucket, then pouring it onto his foam letters. And he is giggling like crazy and saying over and over, "A, E, I . . . A, E, I . . ."

Recently I've been thinking about how lucky we are. We have two sets of parents, still young and kicking, who have been more than willing to let us stay with them for extended periods of time. Ben gets opportunities to be with both sets of grandparents almost every week. They have supported us through what has been the most stressful part of our marriage to date (because of unemployment) and made it some of the happiest memories I have. How grateful I am.

I started being a pen pal with my Grandma Vivie this last month. She married my Grandpa Hansen when I was little. I have discovered an amazing woman- someone beyond the Grandma I grew up with. She is so supportive and sweet. She helped teach me to sew clothes. Now she is lonely and needs friends. I need to write more often.

Ben is becoming more than just a baby- he's growing up and becoming a little boy. Now he's becoming not just someone I need to teach and love, but also a little loving friend. He hugs and kisses me and cries when I leave. That's some of the best love I've ever received.

Stephen's supervisors have told his Dad that he's been doing a good job. He's an amazing hard worker and is doing his best to prove he deserves the position. He recently told me he's going to try to be their best engineer. If anyone could accomplish such an ambitious goal, he can.

We are so lucky. I am so lucky.