Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's About Time.

Sorry, everyone. I took a little hiatus from blogging for a month while things simmered down. My parents moved, so we moved with them, and we took a trip to BYU to walk for our graduation (and got some cute pictures, I might add). And the best news of all . . .

We have pictures! Finally!

So, to resist bombarding you with a ridiculous amount of pictures, I'll start with the most recent events and go backwards until we're all caught up (which goes all the way to Thanksgiving, I might add). But really, this is very doable. So, on with graduation news:

We left Wednesday after I got off work (I was unable to get the day off) around 5:00. Imagine this... trying to trudge your way east through L.A. alongside commuters, realizing all too late how impossible it's going to be to escape the clutches of entangled freeways and frenzied drivers. It took 2 hours to make a trip that usually took about 50 minutes. Whoops. At least we were driving in the right direction, right?

Fortunately, we were able to stop at Stephen's parent's house for dinner (bless them) and we were able to continue our long journey. Nine hours later, we arrived at our destination at 6:30 am MST. Ew. EW EW EW. But, really, it was all worth it. We got such cute pictures!

Stephen waiting backstage before walking.

Near the Marriott Center with the Alumni Building in the background.

Next to the bell tower with the Y in the background.

Best of all, we got to see some old friends! We went to lunch on Friday with our former neighbors, Tim & Annalise and Tom & Lovetta, at Olive Garden. We played games with them every Sunday night while we were in Utah, and we miss them even more than we did before.

We also got to see our friends Matt & Heather and their little boy, Jonah. He and Ben were just playing with blocks and tumbling over each other like crazy little boys. They were so cute!

Of course, no post is complete without a homage to Ben! Enjoy:

Walking by a pond in the shadow of Y mountain.

Ben helping us move . . . riiiiiiight.

Ben got a balloon at the grocery store! He got so excited . . . then he fell asleep.

This is an older picture from Thanksgiving but he's just so cute!


  1. Congratulations on your graduation!

  2. Isn't it nice that they can't take it back now?

    Its good to see you guys haven't given up on the blogging thing.