Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Called "The Happiest Place on Earth" for a Reason

Stephen and I have been contemplating buying season passes to Disneyland for a while. I know, it sounds crazy; we only have my server's income right now. However, we were blessed with an AMAZING tax refund and found ourselves in a reasonable position to go out on a limb and purchase passes. Southern California residents get a great discount; the passes would pay for themselves in just two trips! We just couldn't let the opportunity pass us by. Ben is free until his 3rd birthday, and we both love Disneyland.

By the way, our one and only Christmas present to Ben this year was a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal. This child is going to be Disney-tastic. It's inevitable.

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  1. yay for Disney fans! We love disney too! :) Have so much fun and go as often as you can! :)