Friday, February 27, 2009

Get Animated!

Car insurance can be such a nightmare sometimes.

Take, for example, trying to get real quotes that actually reflect what you'll be paying. Stephen and I have had to get new insurance because our old company doesn't exist in California, and we've been shopping all over. Little did we know that car insurance premiums are based on the most at-risk driver, a.k.a. the youngest driver.

That would be me.

Unfortunately, I have a "not so good" driving record. About two years ago, I rear-ended the trailer hitch of a full size van in the snow because the plows hadn't been out (no damage to their car whatsoever, while ours had to be in the shop for over a month). Also, I was cited for speeding in downtown Provo last summer. Now, Center Street in Provo is 15 m.p.h. through downtown, but by my street it changes to 35 m.p.h. Apparently, it's a big deal to start driving faster until after you pass the sign, even if you have a screaming baby in the car who was just immunized and needs to nurse as soon as possible.

Well, I went to driving school like a responsible citizen and successfully completed it, resolved to change my evil ways. Six months later, here we are, trying to get insured, and that speeding ticket is still on my record. Turns out, I must live through a nine month probation period from the time I plea guilty to my heinous crime, and the citation will remain there until the period is over. This isn't until June! Meanwhile, it looks like I have 3 points on my record. This is a big deal. The price difference changes from around $105/month to $215/month. Insane!!!

So, what could we do? We could try to get documentation, but there just isn't time because we only had 30 days to get insured after registering our car in California (from January 27). So, we decided to try Esurance as a temporary policy until we could get my speeding ticket resolved.

Guess what? Esurance rocks! They were WAY cheaper than everyone else, even with my icky record! Granted, everything is done online (bills, statements, etc.) but that works for us and our lifestyle. We have a local agent, and we can still contact them 24/7. Esurance was such a pleasant surprise! Plus, they have a pretty rockin' mascot (her name is Erin, by the way). I just wish their site had a way to create your own animated character that looks like you, or something. :D

Here's hoping to more pleasant surprises for everyone, even after many headaches. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm glad it's working out! I got a ticket in VA and went to fight it because the road was marked poorly and I ALWAYS saw people doing the same thing I got ticketed for. I sat there all day listening to all of the other tickets, etc. including people that had many points already who got their stuff reduced (fee and points) and I paid the full thing. LAME!!!!!