Saturday, January 17, 2009

One Down, One to Go

I got the job! Yay! I start this next week. I'm pretty excited to be serving again, though it's been a while. Still, yay- a job's a job.

Stephen's looking, but it's pretty hard. He went to an expo in Anahiem today, and there was a huge line just to get a 10 minute interview. Standing next to him in line was a 45 year old who had a ton of experience, and he wasn't the only one. Because of the "financial crisis" he has to compete with all the guys who are getting laid off, so you can imagine his stress at that prospect. There are still a lot of opportunities, but they're just harder to find right now because people are reluctant to hire.

Stephen's giving a talk tomorrow in church and I'm the missionary dinner coordinator. Hahaha. That feels like more like a made-up calling than some I had to think of for my singles' ward. But we have no idea how long we'll be in the ward, so it's all for the best. There are a lot of young kids in the ward, so Ben's not so noisy as he would be otherwise. There are lots of other babbling kids, too.

So, I went through my blog list and there are a couple of people who have set their blogs to "invited only." Now, I TOTALLY respect this, but I would like to be invited, if that's okay. :) I miss reading about you all. Please email me at lisha[underscore]lacey[at]hotmail[dot]com if you'd like to talk in other ways. But I miss you! :D

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Aloha (as in "Hello," not "Goodbye")


Well, not much is happened, but sorry for the lack of updates. We're still basically in the same circumstances we were last post. We're both looking for work. Stephen's gotten some great advice for his resume from a guy in my parent's ward and he's been progressing well with some leads. He got a pretty funny offer from a company based in INDIA where he'd have to go there to train... yeah, not happening. ;) I've been applying to local restaurants (it's good, quick money) and I have a third and final interview with a place called Houston's tomorrow. I think I'll probably get the job, but there are never any guarantees, of course. The issue is that I'm just a little over qualified to be a server. Oh well, it's what I want.

On an exciting note, our transcripts officially say that we have degrees now. Hooray! I don't think it will feel really official until we're able to walk, or at least until they send us our "pieces of paper." Silly BYU and outdoor graduation traditions. I would have done it in the snow. In fact, our friend Annalise did it in the snow last year when she walked at the end of April. See? They SO could do ceremonies in December.

Ben has decided to conquer the stairs. My parent's house is split level, which means there are lots of obstacles for him to get over. But he LOVES the stairs. He'll go up a few, turn and smile at us, then keep going (he knows he's not allowed to without us). It's pretty cute. His top teeth have also emerged, and when he smiles, he shows all his gums. Sigh, I love that kid. But that's the problem- he's transforming from a BABY to a KID. He's getting older so quickly. I'm unable to post pictures right now because we don't have our own computer, but I will update when I'm able. Hope things are great with everyone!