Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Just Couldn't Help Myself...

So, I went to the mall today. I haven't "been to the mall" to just "be at the mall" in probably over a year. You know, the kind of trip where you just walk around, buy whatever you want, maybe get a drink; that sort of thing. Anyway, at first I went just to buy tickets for Twilight in two weeks (yay!) but then, I walked past Game Stop. They have every current electronic game known to man, including:

And... and... I just couldn't help myself. I bought two- one for me and one for Stephen. Of course, we can't pick them up until Wednesday, but still! I am SO EXCITED! Ah, World of Warcraft... though thou art so expensive, I love thee.

However, the Twilight tickets were free because of some movie passes I got from work, so I don't feel that guilty about spending so much money... besides, it will be so much fun! Ah, Edward, you're so... icy. Hahaha.

Some other thoughts I've had... the news about the protests around the LA Temple sadden me so much. I didn't think the Prop 8 vote would change attitudes about gay marriage (of course it wouldn't), but I wasn't expecting such a violent backlash. I wish people really could live in a society of tolerance- not the tolerance that opponents of Prop 8 have tried to spread, but a true feeling of respect for people who don't think the same as you do. Frankly, everything going on really scares me, and I hope people can get along. I just keep singing, "I Love to See the Temple" to myself, and I know things will get better.