Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Last Semester is Wicked Awesome...

Okay, so I planned that my last semester would be relatively easy, but the classes I'm taking really take the cake- SO EASY. Here's a quick overview:

History of the English Language

This is by far my hardest class (as we're learning how to read Old English), but there are no papers involved. Here's a sample sentence we're learning how to translate, taken directly from an assignment:
Comon hi of prim folcum . . . of dam lande pe mon hated Ealdseaxan . . . Chaldeas boerndon Hierusaleme weallas and da cynelican getimbro mid fyre fornaman for does Godes folces synnum.

Yeah. I know. Still, no papers. Plus, my professor is Elder Oaks' son, and he's hilarious. It's not everyday you have a class that is difficult AND entertaining.

The Short Story

The other day I realized that we have one assignment left in the year, besides reading quizzes. Oh, and NO TESTS. AT ALL. No midterms or finals, just one analysis (which I got an A on), a short story I had to write (still waiting on the verdict) and a final paper, due the last day of class. This class is probably the one that I've learned the most in. It's a pity I didn't take it until my last semester.

Tolkien and Friends in Film

That's not the real title, but that's what we're studying. I have a midterm on Thursday, a paper, a group presentation, and a final. This class is probably the most work, but it doesn't feel that way because my paper is actually a presentation about the music in the Lord of the Rings films and the group presentation is about Harry Potter. Seriously, this class is probably harder than I think it is, simply because the content is fantasy and film. I am in literature heaven.

Floral Design

I only have two tests left; a multiple choice written test and an identification quiz. Last ID quiz I got a 96%, so nothing to worry about there. The only hard thing about this class is the time commitment for all the labs, which is counterbalanced by the fact that I get to take home pretty flowers! The last test in this class is November 13, and there's no final... ah, floral heaven. Here are some samples of my latest projects:

This is a Japanese design. The Irises represent heaven (top), the orchids represent man (left) and the heather represent earth (bottom right).

A lovely view of a cluster of chrysanthemums with asparagus leaf, carnation, spider mum, heather, statice, and orchids.

A view of "steps" that are common in asian/modern design.

A traditional rose boutonniere.

A pall-bearer's boutonniere (yes, for funerals).

A mini Calla Lily modern design using fancy wire. It's pretty, but not my thing.

A wired daisy, for hair or whatever you want.

Best for last: a wildflower boutonniere. This is by far my favorite. It's goldenrod, aster, two kinds of waxflower and leather leaf. I absolutely love it. Suddenly Cher popped into my head and sang "If I could turn back tah-ime..." Yes, these would SO have been in my wedding.

I just thought... you know, it's a good thing that I got married when I did, because I am just so much more picky now that I know what I like, at least in the floral department. Ah, sweet waxflower, my new favorite filler...

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  1. Isn't it funny how you totally start to detest babies breath? Waxflower is so much prettier. Floral design was one of the best classes I took at my of inspirations to start a wedding flower business! Those other classes sound awesome. Only like a month and a half left!