Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last Friday, our ward had its Halloween party. Ben dressed up as a dragon and Stephen and I were baseball players (we have matching shirts).

Ben in his costume.

With Mommy...

and Daddy!

Here are the kids in the ward- Ben's in the front on the right, trying to get away.

In other Halloween news, I had floral design this morning and made a pumpkin design. Super cute!

To be honest, I don't remember all the names of the flowers for this one, but everything in the arrangement is real- no fake flowers or leaves (there is a plastic curly-cue, though).

I am officially excited for Halloween on Friday! Yay! I love this holiday.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Last Semester is Wicked Awesome...

Okay, so I planned that my last semester would be relatively easy, but the classes I'm taking really take the cake- SO EASY. Here's a quick overview:

History of the English Language

This is by far my hardest class (as we're learning how to read Old English), but there are no papers involved. Here's a sample sentence we're learning how to translate, taken directly from an assignment:
Comon hi of prim folcum . . . of dam lande pe mon hated Ealdseaxan . . . Chaldeas boerndon Hierusaleme weallas and da cynelican getimbro mid fyre fornaman for does Godes folces synnum.

Yeah. I know. Still, no papers. Plus, my professor is Elder Oaks' son, and he's hilarious. It's not everyday you have a class that is difficult AND entertaining.

The Short Story

The other day I realized that we have one assignment left in the year, besides reading quizzes. Oh, and NO TESTS. AT ALL. No midterms or finals, just one analysis (which I got an A on), a short story I had to write (still waiting on the verdict) and a final paper, due the last day of class. This class is probably the one that I've learned the most in. It's a pity I didn't take it until my last semester.

Tolkien and Friends in Film

That's not the real title, but that's what we're studying. I have a midterm on Thursday, a paper, a group presentation, and a final. This class is probably the most work, but it doesn't feel that way because my paper is actually a presentation about the music in the Lord of the Rings films and the group presentation is about Harry Potter. Seriously, this class is probably harder than I think it is, simply because the content is fantasy and film. I am in literature heaven.

Floral Design

I only have two tests left; a multiple choice written test and an identification quiz. Last ID quiz I got a 96%, so nothing to worry about there. The only hard thing about this class is the time commitment for all the labs, which is counterbalanced by the fact that I get to take home pretty flowers! The last test in this class is November 13, and there's no final... ah, floral heaven. Here are some samples of my latest projects:

This is a Japanese design. The Irises represent heaven (top), the orchids represent man (left) and the heather represent earth (bottom right).

A lovely view of a cluster of chrysanthemums with asparagus leaf, carnation, spider mum, heather, statice, and orchids.

A view of "steps" that are common in asian/modern design.

A traditional rose boutonniere.

A pall-bearer's boutonniere (yes, for funerals).

A mini Calla Lily modern design using fancy wire. It's pretty, but not my thing.

A wired daisy, for hair or whatever you want.

Best for last: a wildflower boutonniere. This is by far my favorite. It's goldenrod, aster, two kinds of waxflower and leather leaf. I absolutely love it. Suddenly Cher popped into my head and sang "If I could turn back tah-ime..." Yes, these would SO have been in my wedding.

I just thought... you know, it's a good thing that I got married when I did, because I am just so much more picky now that I know what I like, at least in the floral department. Ah, sweet waxflower, my new favorite filler...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I thought I'd post Ben's newest achievement- going forward! He's doing great, but now I have to vacuum everyday. Oh well. :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

You know you don't dress up anymore when...

...You walk past a girl and think, "Oh my goodness, she looks plastic" when in fact, she's just wearing makeup, did her hair, and has money to burn on clothes. Plus, when she walks, her hair moves (even when there's no wind).

I was walking home today when I encountered such a girl. She was tan, super shiny bright blond, and was wearing heels. Granted, it's fine to wear heels should such an occasion arise for them. However, this was one of those girls. You know, the ones who wear heels everyday (after Freshman year they usually get over it). She was also wearing large designer sunglasses, a cute skirt and had a really nice bag.

Now, I'm not upset with this girl or anything, but sometimes seeing someone that fabulous makes you think, "Huh. I really don't try at all, do I?" So, I've decided to take a little more time to make myself a little more fabulous (well, at least to feel that way). Anyway, so the next time you see someone who makes you think, "Whoa," think instead, "I'm gonna pass a mirror and think 'Whoa'- and in a good way."

Happy Fabulosity!