Thursday, July 31, 2008

Unrealistic Romantic Expectations

In honor of Stephenie Meyer and her new book, Breaking Dawn (which comes out this Friday at midnight!), I thought I would share this um, interesting story with you.

So, one day before class, I arrived a little early and began talking with the girl who sits behind me. We got into a discussion about our favorite books (as English majors do) when I brought up the Twilight series, my guilty pleasure. (Think... teenage girl falls in love with a hot, chaste, "vegetarian" vampire. Yeah, it's awesome.) Anyway, suddenly this girl says that it was unrealistic in its portrayal of love. I asked her to elaborate, and she said that it ruined her relationship with her ex-fiancee because it gave her unrealistic romantic expectations.


Basically, she compared her relationship with that portrayed in the book and found hers to be lacking in the "lovey-dovey-all-the-time" kind of love that Bella and Edward have. Now the girl has "unrealistic romantic expectations". Still, I sat there thinking, "How on EARTH someone could let A BOOK ruin their relationship!?" How could this be? I think it comes down to one of two things:
  1. This girl allowed herself to become totally immersed within the novel and lost herself along the way.
  2. Well, there is no number 2.
I think that, yes, the novel does show a very elaborate and intense love relationship, but don't chick flicks show the same thing? Why don't they set up "unrealistic romantic expectations"? I just don't think I understand how someone getting a degree in studying literature could allow themselves to blame a BOOK (a silly love story at that, though I love it) for the disintegration of their relationship- a very serious relationship, too! What do you guys think?

Does the Twilight series embody unrealistic romantic expectations to this extent?


  1. I haven't read the books - I'm a holdout - but here's a take I read earlier today

  2. I've heard of people getting tattoos of "Edward" on them. people are crazy about this book and let themselves think its realistic. the girl obviously doesn't distinguish between reality and fiction. i still like reading them though!

  3. I tried commenting but it was WAY too long. We'll have to discuss in person.

  4. Pretty lame view on things. I love Ben's room-super cute! We'll have to try to get together this week, or maybe next when school's over.