Friday, July 25, 2008

Ben's Room

This post's for you, Mom.

I've been meaning to post pictures of Ben's "nursery" for a while now, but I just made the finishing touches to it. His room is an extra alcove-space in our living room that was once our home office (which was relocated to our bedroom). And did I mention... I love it!

View from the left...

View from the right.

Here's the gorgeous crib Grandma and Grandpa Hansen got for us.

And Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen got us this gorgeous matching changing table.

I painted this for Ben.

I painted these letters and glued the animals to it.

I think his room's pretty darn cute considering it's just some extra space in our living room. Oh, and we took his picture at Sears a while back. This is Ben at 2 1/2 months:


  1. I think his nursery is so cute. And I love his picture, but I'm sad that I can't see his cute shoes!

  2. Ok Daniel was supposed to get me your phone number like a month ago but never did, so maybe you can ask your husband?? lol - silly boys :) I reserved my copy at the one off of Univ. Ave in Provo. I am getting super excited too! I can't believe it's this week!! YAY!!!!!

  3. Oh I forgot to make a comment about his cute room! lol - Ben's room looks ADORABLE! I can't believe you painted that picture! I had no idea you were such an artist! I love those letters as well! Super cute! And his portraits! Cutest smile ever :)