Thursday, July 31, 2008

Unrealistic Romantic Expectations

In honor of Stephenie Meyer and her new book, Breaking Dawn (which comes out this Friday at midnight!), I thought I would share this um, interesting story with you.

So, one day before class, I arrived a little early and began talking with the girl who sits behind me. We got into a discussion about our favorite books (as English majors do) when I brought up the Twilight series, my guilty pleasure. (Think... teenage girl falls in love with a hot, chaste, "vegetarian" vampire. Yeah, it's awesome.) Anyway, suddenly this girl says that it was unrealistic in its portrayal of love. I asked her to elaborate, and she said that it ruined her relationship with her ex-fiancee because it gave her unrealistic romantic expectations.


Basically, she compared her relationship with that portrayed in the book and found hers to be lacking in the "lovey-dovey-all-the-time" kind of love that Bella and Edward have. Now the girl has "unrealistic romantic expectations". Still, I sat there thinking, "How on EARTH someone could let A BOOK ruin their relationship!?" How could this be? I think it comes down to one of two things:
  1. This girl allowed herself to become totally immersed within the novel and lost herself along the way.
  2. Well, there is no number 2.
I think that, yes, the novel does show a very elaborate and intense love relationship, but don't chick flicks show the same thing? Why don't they set up "unrealistic romantic expectations"? I just don't think I understand how someone getting a degree in studying literature could allow themselves to blame a BOOK (a silly love story at that, though I love it) for the disintegration of their relationship- a very serious relationship, too! What do you guys think?

Does the Twilight series embody unrealistic romantic expectations to this extent?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ben's Room

This post's for you, Mom.

I've been meaning to post pictures of Ben's "nursery" for a while now, but I just made the finishing touches to it. His room is an extra alcove-space in our living room that was once our home office (which was relocated to our bedroom). And did I mention... I love it!

View from the left...

View from the right.

Here's the gorgeous crib Grandma and Grandpa Hansen got for us.

And Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen got us this gorgeous matching changing table.

I painted this for Ben.

I painted these letters and glued the animals to it.

I think his room's pretty darn cute considering it's just some extra space in our living room. Oh, and we took his picture at Sears a while back. This is Ben at 2 1/2 months:

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July Fun

This year we went and saw the Provo Independence Day Parade. Usually, this parade is just an annoyance because it makes a big "L" shape between us and the freeway. To get around it (to go anywhere 4th of July morning) you have to go east to the mountains, then north to get around it (the parade goes east a long way and there's basically no way around if you're trying to go south). This year, however, we decided to ignore the annoying-ness of it all and just go and watch. Boy, I was pleasantly surprised! It was so much... cooler than I was expecting.
Here's Stephen trying to keep Ben happy during the loud sirens and bands.

Looks like he did a good job. :)

There were TONS of people lining the streets- it was pretty awesome.

This was my favorite part of the whole parade- huge balloons! How cool is this monkey? I've never seen these in real life before, and I've always wanted to since I saw Batman with Jack Nicholson.

Funnest. Float. EVER. This is the institute float for the Orem Institute. Notice who's up top there? That's right- a cute little couple getting married. Hilarious! They were all singing love songs and changing the words so it would sound institute-esque.
Also, we went to watch fireworks with our next door neighbors in their brother's neighborhood. This particular brother purchased $2500 worth of awesome, huge fireworks. They shot right above our heads- Ben loved it! He was just staring at the sky the whole time. Even today at Church he kept looking at the lights like he was expecting them to explode.
Here's Daddy with Ben and everyone set up to watch the show.

This is Tim and Annalise, our next-door neighbors who we play games with every Sunday.

This is Tom and Lovetta, who are also part of our game group on Sundays.

Ben was pretty happy through most of the show.

But really he just didn't know what to make of it. Come on, how would you interpret exploding lights in the sky?
Okay, last set of pictures: Ben's church outfit! It's SO CUTE!

Such a cute little vest and white shirt and little khakis... sigh, it's just so adorable.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our two year anniversary. Hooray! I suppose that a retelling of how we met is in order. :)

We met one fine evening at the end of August in 2005. I had tagged along with my roommates to a party someone was having in our new ward. "Party" is defined by BYU students as "a gathering of people who play video games, drink pop, eat some chips, and flirt with others of the opposite sex". So, me being me, I saw a super cute guy at this party wearing a Tommy's T-shirt (Tommy's is a hamburger stand in CA that revolves around amazing chili) and so I thought to myself, "Hmm, he's super cute and from California. I must meet this man!" So I go up to him and strike up a conversation, and he's answering my questions but looking at me kinda funny. Then he reaches over to the girl sitting next to him and holds her hand... yeah. Whoops. My bad. I ended the conversation quickly and sought refuge with my roommates. Of course, this guy was Stephen.

A few days later, Stephen and his hand holding partner broke up and I went in for the kill. Well, sort of. My roommates found out they had broken up, and I was still intrigued. I made sure I was the last person to get an interview by the Bishop after Church (he was executive secretary at the time) and the Bishop suggested that Stephen walk home with me. Muah hahaha. A short time after that, one of my roommates was dating one of Stephen's roommates, and that roommate was the only other person in my apartment who did not go home for conference. So I followed her over to Stephen's apartment (who wants to watch conference alone? not me!). He wasn't there at the time, but he got home a short time later and I made room for him on the love seat. He came over and sat by me, somehow we got in a tickle fight, and here we are with a baby. Haha, okay that sounds a little extreme, but anyway, things got off to a bit of a rocky start (I broke up with him, but found him irresistible and we got back together) and we got married 9 months later. Hooray!

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did writing it.

P.S. Sorry the updates have been slim. We just finished one semester and got plummeted right back into another. I'll do better, I promise. :)

P.P.S. I got straight A's! Yes!