Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Smiles, Tummy Time, and an "Oops"

Sorry we haven't updated recently; school has started again and we're both taking classes. It's been crazy busy! We're doing well and enjoying our busy busy schedules. Now, onto the whole reason you probably read this blog: for news about Ben!

This kid has gotten so smiley! He's started smiling back at us- he's getting to be so social! It's so cute!
And here is a picture of his infamous "pouty face":

We've also got some footage of Ben on his tummy: look at the head lift!

Now, you're probably wondering what the "oops" is about in the title... I uh, tried to cut Ben's hair! Notice the distinct difference between his smiley picture and his pouty picture... but I think he looks really cute bald! I didn't initially intend for Ben to lose all his hair... it was just looking a little weird and long and balding, like an old man, so I tried to give him a trim. But he wiggled and squirmed and the clippers slipped and then... whoops! So, now he's got about 2 mm of hair. I still think it's really cute, though. Here's a good angle:

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  1. wow his 1st hair cut! his hair looks shorter, but it doesn't look bad. he still looks totally adorable!!!!!